3450582400015 TEAPOT BOMBE  CA12/8



EAN: 8003299026685

€ 211,50

Alessi Teapot Bombé Code: CA12/8 Designer Carlo Alessi Teapot in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished with handle and knob in bakelite. Designed in 1945, this service was first produced in chrome-plated and silver-plated heavy brass, and later in stainless steel. “The Bombé service is very much a product of the postwar sociocultural climate, and as such it's a specific phenomenon of the design and customs that are associated with the first age of Italian design.” (Alessandro Mendini) Width (cm): 13.00 Height (cm): 15.00 Content (cl/oz): 122.00 Length (cm): 23.00